Things To Never Do When Bringing Up A Canine

If you have a loving canine friend at your home or if you are planning to get one sometime soon, you will definitely pay attention to all the things that you need to do in order to make sure that they are comfortable, healthy and happy but will you also do equal work to find out the things that you should never do? Some of these mistakes can even cost your furry friend their health, safety and their life. When you open up your home to a canine, you become their world and they will be directly affected either negatively or positively by your actions. That is why you need to remember to never do these mistakes with your canine, ever.

Not training them on time

A badly behaved and unruly puppy is not happy. If they were they would be listening to you and not causing so much trouble. Always adopt from a small age if possible and even if that is not the case, give them the right training from the start. It is very easy to get a Labrador for sale but if you do not give him or her the training that they need so that the boundaries they need are set, you will not have a friend who has a good temper and behavior. Instead, you will spend your time feeling like you ended up with the worst puppy in the world even when it is not their fault. Yelling, screaming, hitting and locking up your canine will damage the relationship between the both of you and make them scared of you. What you are looking for is right training with treats for positive behavior and punishment that is acceptable for their negative behavior.

Not feeding them the right food

It could be any breed that you have from west highland terrier puppies to bull mastiffs, you still have to feed them the right food so they can grow and be healthy while also avoiding unnecessary digestive system issues. Many food items that are completely fine for humans like grapes, onions, raisins, chocolates and macademia nuts are really unsuitable for canines and will make them ill. Also overfeeding your pet even with the right food items will cause them to become obese and eventually fall really ill. You should only feed them in the right amounts with the right type of food that is made for them and always keep an eye out for their weight.

Leaving them in unsuitable conditions

You may think it is alright to leave your canine chained up outside during the onset of winter because it is not snowing yet and you still need that protection. Or you may think that they will be alright inside your heated up vehicle while you rush to the grocery store. They are not. Always only leave them in the right conditions and do not put their lives at risk.

Helpful Pet Tips For Busy People

Many people tend to think that people with a busy schedule should not own a pet. But this is a misconception. People who need the love and adoration of a pet are the ones with a busy schedule. Furthermore, even with work and family commitments, one can still make time for their pets. However, in order to do this, they need to have a plan in place. But we understand that if you are a novice you may not know what I am talking about.

Create a Routine

If you are someone with an overwhelmingly busy schedule then you understand the need for a routine. This would help to ensure that you accomplish all the given tasks within a day. Hence, it is important to also include your pet into this routine. This means having a set time to feed and exercise your dog. We understand that some of you may be using the facilities of a doggy day care Cremorne. Therefore, in that case, make sure that this establishment also has a schedule. This would help to make the animal feel comfortable and confident. Furthermore, they are unlikely to miss you if there is a routine. That is because they would know that you would arrive at the given time to feed them. However, one should be patient till the animal gets used to this routine. Thereafter the dog will feel less anxious about your departures.

Address Your Animal’s Needs

If you thought that you only had to feed your pet to keep him/her happy then you are sadly mistaken. Instead, there are quite a few things that you have to do take care of your dogs. The first thing is you need to determine how you would handle your office hours. If you are working a full-time job you are unlikely to come home during this time. Hence you should think about putting your pet in a doggie daycare. This way the animal would be occupied during your office hours. Furthermore, he’s less likely to be anxious if he/she is occupied. Furthermore, you also need to take into consideration the animal’s grooming care. This means that you have to regularly bath them. Furthermore, you may have to take them for regular grooming sessions to clip their nails. This applies only if you have dogs. Moreover, one also has to take their pet to the vet regularly. This is crucial in order to maintain the health of your animal.Thus, with the help of these tips, one would know what they have to do to take care of their animal. Visit this link for more info on doggie daycare